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griego. i'm frank mallicoat. get rey for round 2......the rain is back in the bay area good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. get ready for round number 2. the rain is back in the bay area. hi-def doppler showing wind and rain redding in from the north. this storm is going to be worse than yesterday. we have our team on top of everything in the feel and lawrence is in the weather center. >> we are not seeing much yet just scattered showers. i think it will be until the evening before we see that rain picking outside. hi-def doppler showing you we do have a couple of scattered showers right now. but most of those have been located in the north bay and so far, it has been widely scattered and fairly light. the storm will be hung up
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especially in the north bay. we could see potentially flooding. flash floodwaters and fast rising waters and we expect major rivers to stay within their banks but likely to see flooding on the creeks and streams. this storm system pretty impressive just putting itself together. it is a stronger storm than the last one moving onshore and there's another one after that. even after this storm moves by, we'll talk more about that. thank you. yesterday's wind and rain knocked out power for thousands. the major culprit fallen trees and limbs. take a look at this tree that came down in the bernal heights neighborhood. pg&e crews are doing everything they can today to prevent power outages tomorrow. >> cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in san francisco with pg&e's tree trimming team. they have been out all morning. >> reporter: yes. they have been hitting
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different spots across the bay area, frank and michelle. we know what it's like to be in the storm. we not high winds and the heavy -- we know the high winds and the heavy rain but prepping is a major task. pg&e showed us their offensive tactics they use. pg&e ready for round 2 of storms to hit the bay area. the next one even bigger than the first. >> we are out here trimming trees as we can and do year round but any break in the storm we'll be out there restoring folks and getting ready for the next wave of storms. >> reporter: off the bay area coast we saw a preview of what's to come. strong winds paired with a heavy sheet of rain is a combination that could result in massive power outages. >> when you get this wind, this 'em on in the season, a lot of the leaves are still on the trees that we can see here. acts like sails and can bring do your healthy trees into power lines, which we saw yesterday.
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>> reporter: toppled trees and fallen branches are the leading cause to power outages. yesterday 18,000 customers lost power during the first round of wet weather. nature is unpredictable but pg&e is making sure the impact in the bay area is minimal. >> we are prepositioning crews. today we are loading extra materials into our yards making sure transformers are on trucks ready to go that we have plenty of power poles, cross arms. >> reporter: the preparation never ends. pg&e says this job isn't something done just before the storm. >> preparing for these storms is a year-round effort. but when the storm hits we all respond quickly to get the lights back on. >> reporter: to give you an idea of the amount of work they do, they say they trim about 1.5 million trees along side 130 miles of power lines every, single year. we're live in san francisco. cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> that's a lot of work. all right, cate, thank you. cbs 5's roberta gonzales is
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live in san anselmo now where residents and businesses alike are keeping an "eye on the storm" in marin county. >> reporter: it's currently 55 degrees with light rain in san anselmo. and i am right above the san anselmo creek. this is a little creek by appearance. but it's notorious for overflowing its banks when you have days and days of consistent rainfall as we have in the forecast right now. in fact, we take you back to 2005. that's when it reached 13 feet in height and 4 feet of that ended up in many of the main street businesses. so that's why i visited sally ritter today owner of vintage flamingo. take us back to 2005. >> reporter: the flood came in it was four feet in the shop and pretty much lost everything, over $100,000 worth of merchandise. >> oh, boy. how are you preparing this year with the forecast? >> sandbags, floodgates for the doors, new doors, we are ready. >> reporter: is the town talking about this? >> they are talking about it.
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>> reporter: we have is more rain in the forecast right near in the san anselmo area. flash floodwaters in effect as far as the rain is concerned. if you want to visit us online and track at any time if it's raining in your neighborhood or where you plan ongoing as far as traveling is concerned, you can always visit us online at high-def doppler radar at it's our live high-def doppler radar and you can check that out at from san anselmo, roberta gonzales. >> thank you. on the bay area watch now, a manhunt is under way for a masked intruder in palo alto. police say a masked man got inside a woman's apartment. she woke up when he was in her bed. she screamed and he took o she feels not injured. no description of the suspect yet. in san jose a fire broke out inside a home garage that may have held a pot growing operation. firefighters got the fire under control in an hour. no word on what started the
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fire. police did find a marijuana growing facility inside but have not confirmed yet whether it was legal or not. a controversial vote at the u.n. today is certain to win u.n. recognition of a palestinian state to recognize palestine's 1967 borders before israel took parts of the palestinian land. israel doesn't recognize those borders and says today's vote won't change a thing. they are against the push to give nonmember observer status in the u.n. it's been four years since israel and palestine have been negotiating. with 33 days left to the "fiscal cliff" deadline, president obama sent his treasury secretary to capitol hill to negotiate with congressional leaders and it didn't appear to go well. >> i got to tell you, i'm disappointed in where we are and disappointed in what's
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happened over the last couple of weeks. but going over the "fiscal cliff" is serious business. and i'm here seriously trying to resolve it. i would hope the white house would get serious, as well. >> house speaker john boehner came out of the meeting declaring himself disappointed with the white house's proposals. he says democrats have failed to offer a specific plan for cutting spending. and sources who have been in on the talks for months say even though in public the deal seems like it won't happen, in private it is starting to take shape. here's some of the details they have given taxes will go up about $1.2 trillion, entitlement programs mainly medicare will be cut by no less than $400 billion. there will be at least $1.2 trillion in spending cuts and war cuts. another point in the "fiscal cliff" discussion unemployment a new congressional budget office report showing americans have collected more than half a
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trillion dollars in federal jobless benefits in the last five years. a battle over an oyster farm has ended. the u.s. interior secretary ken salazar is not renewing drake's bay's oyster company's lease which expires at the end of the month. he visited the farm along point reyes national seashore last week saying it should be returned to the wilderness for future generations to enjoy. company supporters including senator dianne feinstein argue to save the farm because it's a key part of the rural economy in that area. still ahead, bankrupt but still able to give out bonuses? the latest controversy haunting hostess. >> with the biggest payout in powerball history about to take place allowing it be before californians can cash in too? >> a cold war plot that's hard to believe. did the u.s. really want to blow up the moon? we'll find out. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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now the multi- million dollr now for tonight's winning powerball number and north over half a billion dollars jackpot number it is the number 6. >> those are the lucky numbers. now the multi-million dollar question is, who won the massive powerball lottery? we know it wasn't us. >> yeah. i know it wasn't me. still a mystery. but what we do know is the two winning tickets were sold one in missouri the other in arizona. the jackpot was monstrous, $580 million. until the winners come forward we don't know how many people will be splitting that prize at least two probably more. next year lottery fans in california may be able to try their luck at powerball. state lottery commission is discussing new rules to join 42 other states in the big drawing. >> especially now after that jock pot. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec with the bay area fans who just can't wait to play.
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>> every week twice a week super lotto, mega, and even fantasy also. i try my luck. >> reporter: this is no short average dreamers in california. >> we pay like 10 bucks a month and combine it. >> reporter: ocean supermarket in milpitas sold a $14 million super lotto plus ticket in september and today, the state announced the winner's name, ty nguyen. the store gets 1/2% or $70,000. >> she is lucky. i hope the next will be me. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and soon there will be a new game in town the one that's had people lining up for days powerball the multistate lottery. so far californians are lift out of the fun. >> i would play. >> reporter: california retailers could beginning selling the $2 tickets in april of next year. powerball is expected to bring california an extra $90 to $120 million a we're though sales of our other games are -- even
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though sales of our other games are expected to drop. that revenue goes to education. >> that's a good idea, a bill help. >> reporter: in milpitas, anne makovec, cbs 2 news. >> in addition to going bankrupt and laying off 18,000 workers, hostess wants to shell out nearly $2 million in bonuses to its top executives. hostess needs a judge's approval for the $1.8 million payout. the maker of twinkies, dingdongs and ho ho's says the incentive pay is needed in order to keep 19 managers around during the liquidation process which they say could take about a year. some executives could be eligible for additional rewards depending on how efficiently they carry out the liquidation. a cold war plot to bomb the moon? sounds like something from a sci-fi film but it was once an actual plan by the united states. according to a now declassified report, the u.s. government considered it during the 1950s. project a119 called for an intercontinental ballistic missile the same size as the
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one used on hiroshima to be launched from an undisclosed location travel some 240,000 miles to the moon and detonate on impact. according to scientist who worked on a119, the plan was to show the soviets america was still in the space race and also learn the capability of space warfare. but could that blast have actually blown up the moon? >> absolutely not. it would have been microscopic so to speak. it would have left a crater that would have been i think essentially invisible from earth even with a good telescope. >> after just a year in the works, project a119 was aband on the and that was probably a good idea, it was abandoned. >> what were they thinking? >> leave the moon alone. i love the tides it cause and everything else. don't blow up the moon! serious storm headed in our direction already seeing scattered showers outside. hi-def doppler picking up on some of that moisture right now and you see most of that is just some light activity and
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really focused into the north bay. you're seeing scattered light showers there, also into the santa cruz mountains. now, the further north you go, the more rain we're seeing as the cold front still is not quite here. but it is on its way and it looks like it is going to pack a punch tonight. but it's going to be a very slow-moving storm system so with that in mind, we are going to see a lot of rain from this storm. so afternoon showers, it's going to be breezy. heavy rainfall expected by tonight. it will be windy at times. very wet on friday morning for the commute. it may very well be a mess if you are heading out early on. so here's storm number 2 just putting it self together. this is a stronger storm system and because it's coming in more slowly, that's what's going to cause all of that rainfall. so flash flood watches being posted at 7:00 this evening across much of the bay area continuing into the better part of friday. we are going to see a quick rise in many of those creeks around the bay area. going to show you some storm totals expected coming up shortly. let's see if we can time this out toward the afternoon. the cold front still lingering in the north bay and look at that. it gets hung up in the north
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bay and this is what has us concerned because it's going to pump all that moisture and drop a lot of rain there. then after midnight we start to see it sag to the south and make its way down into the santa cruz mountains. so a messy commute early on then a break but showers on and off through saturday. and then another strong storm dives into the bay area late on sunday night into monday morning. these storms rolling into the bay area could cause problems from. this storm alone, upwards of 6" of rain in the north bay also into the santa cruz mountains. likely going to see the main rivers stay within their banks but certainly could see some local creeks and streams overflow their banks so flooding tomorrow. winds a big concern. we have wind advisories going up tonight could see sustained winds 30 to 40 miles per hour across some of the peaks, maybe 50 miles per hour and that could bring down some trees. high country we are looking at some snow up there and lots of it. winter storm warrants going up 7,000 feet. the latest forecast has 1 to 3
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feet but could see more like 5 feet. temperatures in the 60s over the next couple of days, batten down the hatches. we have a series of storms rolling in for tonight through monday morning. looks like we'll catch a break monday, tuesday, wednesday. here's your snow report: carry chains, no messing around, one to three inches of snow now, more on the way from looks like a series of storms rolling in. kirkwood 8" of new snow and lots of snow in the northstar. >> you are going to be busy tomorrow. >> thank you. just the magnitude of the problem was completely overwhelming. >> at first it just seemed like too much to handle. but that's when these jefferson award winners got to work. next, see how they are saving animals in two different countries. coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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owners from mexico to sonom. a north bay couple combined skills to help thousands of animals and their owners from mexico to sonoma. >> as kate kelly shows us, the jefferson award winners are improving animal welfare on both sides of the border. >> reporter: this is little ramiro and he was rescued off the streets of juarez where he was found. he was actually starving. >> this is juanita. she is found in mexico hit by a car. >> reporter: they have given them names and new lives.
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they once lived on the streets of mexico barely surviving under the harshest conditions. >> you will see a large number of homeless street animals. they are not spayed or neutered so they are actively breeding and the problem increase. >> reporter: the camblors met 10 years ago in mexico while volunteering at an animal control center. christie is a veterinarian, moncho a graphic artist. they live in santa rosa but never forgot the suffering they once witnessed. >> homelessness, starving animals, the magnitude of the problem was completely overwhelm. >> reporter: so they founded compassion without borders, and held their first free clinic in juarez. >> our main emphasis is on spay and knew ther and training local vets and local advocates how it keep their own sustainable spay neuter programs going. >> reporter: four times a year the camblors drive south of the border to hold free pet clinics, education seminars and humane euthanasia training. >> mindy is one of the lucky ones. she was scheduled to be killed
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when moncho and christie rescued her from mexico. unfortunately, most of the dogs that end up at animal control centers are electrocuted. but that's beginning to change. >> we have been able to get electrocution completely stopped in one entire state in mexico in chihauhau and some surrounding areas. and we provide all the training, supervision and supplies needed so that they can do humane euthanasia by injection as practiced here in the states. >> reporter: this year the camblors expanded their mission to sonoma county bringing free healthcare services to the local latino community. >> we had a unique skill set where we could effectively target this population help bring these services to these animals that so desperately need them. >> we have a lot of latino residents and we found they are very underserved. >> reporter: the executive director of the sonoma humane society: >> it's just been really, really wonderful for sonoma county. >> no matter what side of the
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river it is, a life is a life. >> reporter: so for working to reduce animal suffering here and in mexico, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to christie and moncho camblor. kate kelly, cbs 5. t the price s just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price pr [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle. [ male announcer ] call now. bundles with u-verse tv, internet and home phone start at $89 a month. now get the same great price for two years. [ female announcer ] switch today and get a total home dvr included, free for life. [ male announcer ] you get reliable, high speed internet on our advanced digital network. choose from speeds up to 24 megs. [ female announcer ] and with u-verse tv you can record four shows at once on your total home dvr and play them back in any room. [ male announcer ] so call now. u-verse triple-play bundles start at $89 a month. now get the same great price for two years. [ female announcer ] with a total home dvr included, free for life. [ male announcer ] it's a triple-play bundle that's hard to beat.
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same great price. two whole years. price promise. [ female announcer ] that has a nice ring to it. [ male announcer ] only from at&t.
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executives slipping into the lowest level jobs within thr companies is back for anothr season. "undercover boss" c-e-o stephen the cbs reality show that follows executives slipping into the lowest level jobs of their companies is back for another season. undercover boss invited back diamond resorts ceo steve cluebeck, his new mission to
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find out how his team is doing with his new acquisition. >> as we acquired these resorts, we needed to diamond- ize them and make them standard to our business practice and educate all the new team members. and this allowed me to accelerate that process dramatically. i learned a lot about the struggles and the trials and tribulation of our guests and i also figured out i'm really terrible at a lot of jobs. >> except as ceo. "undercover boss" airs tomorrow night at 8:00 on cbs 5. finally good news. the powerball is officially coming right here to california. the state lotto commission just voted to join ticket sales starting april 8. first drawing for $40 million will happen on april 10. so we miss out on the half a billion dollars but come spring, we're part of the party. >> i was just a little early. >> i know. >> i thought i bought my powerball ticket the other day. >> next time. >> oh, well. >> all right. have a great afternoon. see you tomorrow morning. captions by: caption colorado
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>> katie: sleepy time. >> katie: (sighs) it's just unbelievable,

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